Welcome to Butcher Grill Bus

The first in the world 18 meters long city bus converted into one of kind restaurant for craft burgers and steaks. We are guided by the desire to combine the perfect meat, with promised quality of VIVENDA, and the world`s leading camado grill – Big Green Egg. Enjoy our finest meat specialties with irresistible barbecue flavour!








Salads and more



Working hours from 11:30 to 22:00.
Last orders till  21:30.


The idea of Butcher Grill Bus was inspired by the American style of diners and fast food. Not that of the big world known chains, but that of the small Mom & Pop family owned diners that have developed unique and emblematic regional favorites. Dishes that have inspired generations with extraordinary combinations of flavors and taste embodying the character of each region. For years, those small diners have brought together friends and family over the most delicious meals creating lasting memories.


Our founder has years of experience as master butcher for one of Bulgaria’s leading companies in production and trade of high-quality meat and meat products – ViVenda Ltd. For the last 15 years, he has been developing ideas, learning techniques, experimenting, and refining his knowledge to finally be able to bring his lifelong dream to fruition as a “Restaurant on Wheels”. The Butcher Grill Bus is one of kind restaurant with unique vision, spirit, and design. The theme represents the desire to impress our visitors with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the all- time favorite Diner. A place to relax, feel calm, create memories with your loved ones while each and every one of our guests enjoys high quality product and service.


Butcher Grill Bus unique dishes use one of kind preparation techniques. Our guiding principle is aspired by the desire to create a perfect meal. We combine our high quality meat products prepared using the ancient Japanese KAMADO technology used in our Big Green Egg grills which are accompanied by the perfect complimenting side dish. Our dishes are prepared on the spot to order using carefully selected fresh products.


At Butcher Grill Bus we value the direct human communication. We believe in that simple human interactions make the best advertisement and we depend on word of mouth to build our brand. The best reward for us is receiving your feedback about our food and service right on the spot or by sending more people our way. Our online and social media presence is limited which leaves us with our undivided attention to create the prefect experience for our guests. Find us at 69A Cherni Vrah Blvd, Sofia.